Holy Tea FAQs


1. What does Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea do?

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea works to cleanse your body of toxins and build-up stored in your colon. Weight Loss may be a bonus of drinking Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea.


2. I am going to the bathroom too much, or I am experiencing cramping from drinking the tea. What do I do?

Take a day off from drinking the tea. Then start back drinking less of the tea and adjust the amount you drink, or you can make the tea using less tea bags until you get the desired results.


3. Why am I not going to the bathroom like people talk about?

You may need to increase the amount of tea or make the tea stronger with less water.


4. Where are the herbs grown and are the herbs organic?

The herbs are grown in the United States and are 100% organic. The bags are made with unbleached paper in the United States.


5. Does Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea contain caffeine or senna?  

No. Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea DOES NOT contain caffeine or senna which leaves a residue in the colon that could lead to health problems.


6. Is it OK to drink Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea if I am taking medication?

Dr. Miller recommends you drink his Holy Tea, at least 1 hour before or after you take your medication.


7. Can I drink Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea hot or cold?

Yes, you can drink Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea hot or cold. We recommend that you don’t microwave Holy Tea.


8. How long should I drink Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea?

Due to the constant intake of toxins from our diet and environment, you will continue to benefit for as long as you drink Holy Tea.


9. Is Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea, safe for children to drink?

Yes, Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea is safe for children to drink; however, we recommend that children start with a smaller amount, perhaps 2 to 4 ounces per day. You may need to adjust the amount up or down depending on how it affects the child’s bowel movements. Remember, the child should be regulated to 2 or 3 bowel movements per day.